Nice to meet you, I’m Eyal Franco, 42-years-old, married to Ma’ayan and father of Ariel, Noam and Gilad.

I founded WINECASE during the coronavirus shutdown when I had just started on a new career path as a wine freelancer after 15 years as marketing manager at the leading wineries in Israel. I was free to look at the way wine is marketed to customers with an open mind, and asked myself, “What are we doing? Why is wine intimidating and condescending? Why do people pay so much for some bottles and not others? How can you choose a wine without tasting and getting to know it?”

At the same time, home consumption of wine increased, and I was constantly contacted by family and friends for advice on choosing wine. But everyone has a different preference for price, style, taste, kosher and more. How could I know what to recommend without getting basic information about people’s desires?

I translated my knowledge and experience into a digital interface – a short wine questionnaire – in which I get all the information I need to tailor to your taste and put together the perfect wine package for you. This mission brings people closer and stimulates an alternative consumption experience that encourages exposure to new and exciting wines.

WINECASE was born to provide a convenient service for anyone who loves wine, and focuses on choosing the right wine for you from the huge offering of over 300 Israeli wineries and dozens of importers. The purpose of the project is to provide service and reduce the gap between the endless supply of wine, and the difficulty in making a decision.

Our wine cases bridge between the world of wine and the public, between the consumer’s taste and the perfect wines, providing our customers with a professional and relaxing sense of wine security.

The project primarily supports boutique Israeli wineries, while at the same time sourcing from small and large importers who bring wonderful wines from around the world.

Do you want to talk about wine marketing? I also accompany boutique wineries and leading importers in everything related to wine marketing, from setting up a website, to social media management, public relations, branding and strategy … whatever your business needs for the best marketing. If you want to know more, give me a call.

I can also coordinate wine training seminars for staff, wine workshops on a variety of topics, special visits to wineries, advice on menu development and more.

I would be happy if you would join me for a new wine experience, all around the world.

Yours, Franco.



Our advantages.

No obligation

Order whenever you want, with no subscription fees, and we deliver throughout the country! Ideal as a gift for family, friends, and especially for yourself.

Discover your wine style

Answering a short questionnaire enables us to match a preferred wine style to a personal taste profile.

Enjoy the best of the world

Our wines are carefully selected from the best boutique wineries in Israel, and leading imports from around the world. You can add lifestyle products in our online shop.

Save precious time and money by avoiding wines you wouldn't like

The wines you like are delivered to your door, saving you precious time and money.

You have a personal wine consultant 24/7

Your wine expert will always choose new and exciting wines especially for you, and is always available to advise. It’s the best when you share your wine experiences with us.

Easily treat the people you love

Easily treat the people you love