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23 May

סדנת יין – יקב בהפתעה

סדנת טעימת יינות – יקב בהפתעה

קורס יין מקצועי – פרטי – בהתאמה אישית

הדרך שלכם לדעת הכל על עולם היין


Our specialty is tailoring the perfect wine experience for you.

Based on your questionnaire and personal preferences, we will carefully curate the best case for you out of a wide choice of wines from boutique Israeli wineries and imports from all over the world.

This will save you a lot of time searching for the right wine for you.

* We support, first and foremost, Israeli wineries – Blue-and-White.

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We met through your customized case,
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Meet our content channel, your world of wine adventures.

This is where you can receive hot updates and sign up for content workshops, special tours to wineries and fascinating courses. Your next wine experience is at the click of a button.


Nice to meet you. I’m the GIFTCASE 🎁

Do you have a friend who loves wine, and it’s their birthday?
You couldn’t make the wedding of a wine-loving couple?
We are here for you – meet the GIFTCASE!

Some call it – the perfect gift!

Choose the gift you want to give, and we will take care of the rest.



Our advantages.

No obligation

Order whenever you want, with no subscription fees, and we deliver throughout the country! Ideal as a gift for family, friends, and especially for yourself.

Discover your wine style

Answering a short questionnaire enables us to match a preferred wine style to a personal taste profile.

Enjoy the best of the world

Our wines are carefully selected from the best boutique wineries in Israel, and leading imports from around the world. You can add lifestyle products in our online shop.

Save precious time and money by avoiding wines you wouldn't like

The wines you like are delivered to your door, saving you precious time and money.

You have a personal wine consultant 24/7

Your wine expert will always choose new and exciting wines especially for you, and is always available to advise. It’s the best when you share your wine experiences with us.

Easily treat the people you love

Easily treat the people you love


Everything you want to know but were afraid to ask …

The WINECASE project offers a customized wine case. Fill out a taste and style preference questionnaire and receive a luxurious box containing six wines carefully selected from the best boutique wineries in Israel and selected wines from around the world.

New! An online store where you can easily purchase our unique wine cases and complementary products.

You must be at least 18 or older to purchase our wines.

WINECASE is suitable for beginner wine lovers and experienced professionals alike. Try it and fall in love!

Fill out the wine questionnaire and our wine expert will curate a box for you that includes six wines, a professional corkscrew, and useful information about the wines. Delivery within 5 business days, all over the country.

There is no need to fill out the questionnaire again, your details are saved in the system. Order through the store or simply message us by email or WhatsApp and we’ll be happy to prepare another package for you. There is nothing like repeat customers (-;

For sure. We have a pampering gift option that you can send to a friend you especially love. A custom WINECASE, the perfect gift!

New on the website – GIFTCARD – a gift voucher for purchases on our website, for the amount you choose in advance.

The wines are carefully chosen according to the questionnaire. A fascinating journey through the wineries of Israel and around the world leads us to select specific wines that match to your personal taste profile.

We work in close cooperation with leading boutique wineries in Israel and with the excellent importers who give us access to wines from all over the world, kosher or not, according to your personal preference.

Our online shop offers, in addition to unique wine cases, selected wines and complementary products such wine coolers, professional corkscrews, decanters and more, that you can add as a gift for yourself or friends, all carefully chosen by our wine expert. Come in and take a tour …

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